COVID -19 Response

Procedure for visiting the exhibition while it’s being held.

All categories of the participants (Organizers, Exhibitors, Media, Staff) have to provide the following documents for participating in the event:
  • either a medical document confirming a negative PCR test dated no later than 3 calendar days before the event;
  • or a medical certificate of having recovered from COVID-19 in the last six months;
  • or an official document confirming vaccination.

These documents must be provided at the registration desk to receive the badges.

Visitors, Delegates and Speakers don’t have to provide these documents. 
Tightened security measures assigned by Rospotrebnadzor (Russian Federal State Agency for Health and Consumer Rights) will be applied during the whole period of the event: 
  • contactless online registration in advance;
  • socially-distanced layout;
  • personal protection equipment available;
  • temperature screening;
  • regular cleaning;
  • exhausted system of ventilation equipped with special disinfection modules to exchange indoor and outdoor air;
  • medical center in the exhibition complex;
  • organization of transport with additional safety measures.

All food degustation within the event territory is strictly prohibited. All meals should be taken in specially designated areas only. 

The organisers are asking all the participants of the event to comply with the following requirements:
  • Wear masks and gloves;
  • Keep distance;
  • Use sanitizers. 
The organizing committee is kindly asking to understand and accept the measures mentioned above. 
In case of refusal, all the persons breaking the sanitary rules can be denied access to the venue.