Terms of particiption

Completing this Application Form: This application form is for NEVA 2021 space and main additional services. To request a space, go to www.en.nevainter.com and view Hall Plans. Available remaining stand areas will be marked in green.

  1. Print the Plan of the Hall, mark the required Space, scan in full color and save in any graphic format.

  2. Fully complete pages in this Application form in English printed text, print, sign, date, scan in full color and save in any graphic or pdf format

  3. Return both documents by email to info@nevainter.com. Non-English, incomplete or illegible application forms will not be accepted or processed. 

Minimum Exhibition Space Orders: 12 square meters minimum for standard shell scheme stands and 30 square meters minimum for space-only to accommodate custom-designed stands. 

Registration Fee: Charged for each registered Exhibitor, Sub-Exhibitor and / or Co-Exhibitor. Includes application processing, stand location planning, digital/print catalogue entry, visitor invitations, exhibition badges, website press release and exhibitor listing web page until the end of 2021. Attention! Information for the digital/print catalogue, exhibitor listing web page and exhibition badges shall be submitted separately via personal account on Neva Website.

Login / Password for personal account will be sent after Contract signing. 

Exhibition Space Payment Terms: Payments for Exhibition Space shall be made in two installments: The Registration Fee(s) plus 35% prepayment for exhibition space are due for payment immediately on confirmation of space reservation by the Organizers. 65% balance for space is due on or before 31 May 2021. Full payment (100%) is due immediately on confirmation of space reservation for orders received after 31 May 2021. All bank transfer fees shall be borne by the applicant. VAT*: All local (Russian Federation) taxes are included in the Exhibition space-only prices on this form. 

Stand Manager Details: The Contact Person named as Stand Manager on this application form will receive notification of NEVA 2021 Exhibitor Manual access, Login / Password to personal account and key information by email to the email address specified. The Applicant must notify the Organizers if the Contact Person’s details or email address change at any time to ensure that continuity of communications is maintained without interruption. 

Stand Construction, Furniture, Equipment and Technical Services: Order shell scheme construction, custom stand construction, custom stand design, furniture separately by application to the NEVA 2021 nominated stand contractor and technical coordinator “Expoforum Design Ltd.” See application details, prices and order forms on Neva Website. The local Russian Federation VAT applies to all prices for “Expoforum Design Ltd.” services. 

Marketing Services: Sponsorship, Advertising, Business Program Participation. Order Marketing Services separately by application to the NEVA 2021 nominated Marketing Partner “Vector Marketing Ltd”. See application details, prices and order forms on Neva Website

NEVA 2021 Exhibitor Manual: Prices for Sponsorship, Advertising, other services as required and key deadlines are published in the NEVA 2021 Exhibitor Manual. The Exhibitor agrees to comply with additional Terms and Conditions contained within the NEVA 2021 Exhibitor Manual including additional notices issued by the Organizers. See www.en.nevainter.com for full details. 

Cancellations: The Exhibitor Registration Fee is non-refundable. Payments for space, minus the applicable bank fees, will be refunded in full for cancellation notice received by 31 March 2021. Cancellation notice must be sent in writing by scanned email letter on exhibiting company letterhead and be signed and dated by the form signatory below. All participants are advised to procure the necessary insurances to safeguard their participation fees in the event of unexpected circumstances.