The safety of the event has been confirmed

Finnish shipbuilders to participate in NEVA 2021 with a national pavilion


Finland has confirmed its participation in NEVA, the international exhibition which will be held in St. Petersburg, on September 21-24, 2021. The final list of companies that will be present at the national pavilion is being compiled. The list includes 6 internationally renowned companies.   

Engineering company Aker Arctic specialises in the design of icebreakers and offers customers innovative, cost-effective and reliable solutions for projects in the Arctic and other regions with challenging environmental conditions. In addition to consulting and design services, Aker Arctic also performs testing of ice class ships at its own test centre in Helsinki. Its portfolio includes vessels for the European Union, Russia, China and Canada. Recent achievements include the design of dual-purpose vessels and a so-called oblique, or asymmetrical, icebreaker for rescue and salvage operations in the Arctic.   

Helkama produces specialised cables, including for use in the offshore industry. Its export geography spans over 60 countries worldwide. The company has production facilities in Finland and China. In addition to marine cables, Helkama offers optical fibres, instrumentation cables and flame retardant cables. All cables are exclusively halogen-free, which increases fire safety during operation. Thanks to the latest technology, the weight and dimensions of the cable have been reduced to the lowest possible values while maintaining the quality and ease of installation. 

ABB is a leading manufacturer of complete electrical propulsion, power supply and automation systems for the shipbuilding industry. Service centres ABB are located all over the world including Russia (in Murmansk and Sakhalin). The company is involved in the electrification of ferries to reduce emissions and protect the environment. The global ferry industry transports over 2 billion passengers a year and there is an urgent need to adopt green technologies. There are over 130 battery-powered ferries in operation around the world and more than 90 in various stages of construction. ABB has made extensive use of the latest advances in robotics and automation. 

Konepaja Häkkinen Industrial Group welds and machines medium to highly complex components and manufactures sheet metal and steel structures for the oil and gas industry. All products are suitable for extreme applications. Particularly for the offshore industry, the company produces universal joint shafts and intermediate shafts, hubs and their components, gearboxes, connecting flanges, couplings and other components. The company has four production sites in Finland.

Sabik Marine is a leader in the global navigation equipment industry. As of 2018, the company is part of SPX Corporation, a global supplier of infrastructure equipment for heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as detectors and measuring equipment. Sabik Marine supplies coast guards, maritime administrations, fleets and ports worldwide with energy-efficient, high-quality light-optical equipment with intelligent remote monitoring and control technologies. The sales network includes over 100 authorised distributors.

Lamor Corporation specializes in oil spill response (OSR) operations, oil recovery and environmental clean-up anywhere in the world. The company has sold OSR equipment in 120 countries and has supplied more than 1800 vessel mounted systems. The patented and certified solutions guarantee reliable and efficient oil recovery operations in all environmental conditions, including arctic areas. Lamor has developed innovative equipment for oil recovery and oil spill containment using protective barriers to contain contaminants. This includes the successful use of floating baffles and booms.