Metcoex expands its capacities


Metcoex is happy to announce that it has increased its capacities in manufacturing large size stainless steel propellers and steel castings for other sectors.
Metcoex, a Spanish based company dedicated to manufacturing mechanical components for maritime and other sectors has completed an investment project to increase its manufacturing capacities.

Due to increased demand in stainless steel propellers and requests from maritime customers the management committee of FAED Group (Metcoex’ parent company) has taken a decision to invest in expansion of the production capabilities.

As a result of this project Metcoex will double the propellers and other steel casted components delivered per week.
“Our goal is to be a strategic partner for our customers in their industrial development, we continuously improve our services and customer support having this goal in mind. It is this customer orientation and flexibility that’s the main cornerstone behind Metcoex and FAED Group’s success story and we will continue this policy. I am sure that our customers will benefit from this increase in production as well as modern and precise equipment.” said Tomas Dasgoas, CEO of FAED Group.

Metcoex (part of FAED Group) is one of the world’s leading in manufacturers of stainless steel propellers and other components such as hubs, blades, struts/brackets.
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