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Online Business Mission of Ship Equipment Manufacturers from the Republic of Korea


We invite Russian companies interested in importing products from the Republic of Korea to participate in business negotiations.

In November 2020, the organizers of the NEVA International Exhibition, together with the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and Korea Marine Equipment Association (KOMEA), will hold a webinar and a series of business meetings with South Korean companies. 

The event is designed to promote trade between the two countries, strengthen business relations and promote South Korean companies in the Russian market. 

The Online Business Mission of Ship Equipment Manufacturers from the Republic of Korea 2020 includes two rounds of one-on-one negotiations and a general webinar with the participation of Russian and South Korean companies. 

The negotiations will involve 29 companies from the Republic of Korea: manufacturers of spare parts for marine diesel engines, insulation materials, electrics, galley, laundry, laboratory, medical and other types of equipment for ships. Among them are KANGRIM HEAVY INDUSTRIES, DA HEUNG ENGINEERING, DONG YANG ENGINEERING, Bada Heavy Industries, BY Controls and other well-known companies. 

The Republic of Korea is consistently ranked among the top 10 main trading partners of Russia. At the end of 2019, the trade turnover between the two countries amounted to more than $24 billion. There is a great potential for further development of bilateral trade. 

One of the key areas of cooperation is shipbuilding. South Korea specializes in the construction of offshore platforms and expensive large-capacity vessels to transport containers, liquefied carbon gases and natural gas. The shipbuilding group, which combines Hyundai Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME), accounts for more than 21% of global orders and 50% of the global market for profitable LNG transport vessels. Russia, along with Greece and Norway, is in the top 10 countries where equipment for natural resource extraction is supplied. 

Promising products of South Korean manufacturers will be presented at the NEVA International Exhibition, which will be held in St. Petersburg on September 21-24, 2021. 

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General information:

The first round will take place on November 9-13. The sessions will be held from 09:00 to 12:10 (Moscow time), 40 minutes each. The Republic of Korea is represented by seven companies:

  • Insulo Corporation (insulation materials: aerogels, mineral wool)

  • YOUNG IL PRECISION&IND. Co., Ltd (spare parts for marine diesel engines)

  • SEIL Co., Ltd (oil and fuel filters, filters for ballast water, filter screens)

  • BK DIESEL (rocker arms, piston pins, pushrods, valve components)

  • MS TECH Co. (cargo pipeline grips, support rings, supporting couplings, slats and steel angles for LNG carriers)

  • Viser System Co., Ltd (modular scaffolding)

  • GS HIGHTECHER Co., Ltd (breathing valves, pipe connectors)

The second round of negotiations will take place on November 16-20. The sessions will be held from 09:00 to 11:20 (Moscow time), 40 minutes each. The Republic of Korea is represented by 22 companies:

  • KANGRIM HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO., LTD (boilers, incinerators, air tanks, heaters)

  • DA HEUNG ENGINEERING Co., Ltd (valves)

  • DONG YANG ENGINEERING (electrics, spare parts, valves)

  • Bada Heavy Industries Co., Ltd (equipment for loading operations on platforms, hangar gates for protection of helicopters on ships, equipment for moving helicopters into the hangar, davits)

  • BY Controls, Inc. (remote control systems for valves, watertight doors, external side gates, control valves)

  • Samkun Century (desalters)

  • SAMJOO ENG. Co., Ltd (galley and laundry equipment)

  • SINHO INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY Co., Ltd (devices for shot-blasting cleaning)

  • SJ METAL INTERNATIONAL (pipes, fittings, flanges)

  • OSCG (cable fittings, explosion-proof mounting boxes)

  • Jungwoo ENE (vacuum insulated pipes with a double-layer wall)

  • JPL TRADING CORP. (spare parts for diesel engines)

  • JUNGSAN ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd. (bolts, nuts)

  • KTC (plate heat exchangers)

  • TAEWHA KAPASEAL (non-asbestos materials for gaskets and connectors, non-asbestos seals, spiral-wound gaskets, O-rings, rubber and fluoropolymer seals)

  • Techcross (ballast water management systems)

  • PROSAVE Co., Ltd (high-speed pressure relief valves, VOC relief systems, diesel engine crankcase protection valves, flame arresters)

  • Hy-Lok Corporation (fittings, valves)

  • Hival Co., Ltd (hydraulic amplifiers, dampers)

  • HANLA IMS Co., Ltd (lever equipment, ballast water management systems, valve control systems)

  • HODU Co., Ltd (galley, laundry, laboratory, medical and other types of equipment for ships)

  • HOSEUNG ENT., Co., Ltd (waste management systems, bilge water separators, tanks)