The organizers of the NEVA Exhibition & Conference visited the office Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX).


During a visit to Spain, the General manager of NEVA-International Ltd Alexandr Ulianov and Deputy general manager Andrey Vasilchenko met with representatives of the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX Spain Export and Investments). The mission of this national business community organization is to promote the internationalization of Spanish companies and to encourage foreign investment.

This year, due to the participation of ICEX, the national pavilion of Spain was presented at the first time at the NEVA Exhibition & Conference. It included the following companies: Astilleros San Enrique s.L.u, Industrias Ferri S.A, Isonell SL, APBA and COMPORT. All of them promote the shipbuilding and logistics services offered by the members of the Algeciras Ports Association. Also, Spanish experts took part in the business program of the conference.

The Spanish shipbuilding industry is known for its high-tech ship building quality, strong traditions and high standards for the design and manufacture of ship equipment: cranes, pumps, power plants, ventilation equipment. The sector provides engineering and services accompanying engineering in shipbuilding.

Following the results of NEVA-2021, the Head of the Department of Economics and Trade of the Spanish Embassy, ​​Miguel Martin, noted: «Previously, Spanish companies have already taken part in the NEVA Exhibition & Conference. It facilitated the establishment of business ties with Russian partners. This year, companies seeking to find opportunities to advance in the Russian market have arrived to St. Petersburg. For example, among them is NAVANTIA, the fifth largest shipbuilding company in Europe and the ninth largest in the world. Such events are very necessary, because Spanish business is interested in cooperation with Russia, but does not always know all the nuances of joint work, including product localization».

Spanish companies that took part in NEVA-2021 are satisfied with the results and intend to strengthen ties with Russian business. ICEX representatives highly appreciated the level of organization of the exhibition, as well as the richness of the exposition and the depth of the business program. Now, according to ICEX experts, they better understand the potential of the Russian market for Spanish business. The plans are to attract more exhibitors from the Spanish shipbuilding and shipping companies to the next exhibition "NEVA-2023". ICEX has tentatively planned to lease 200 sq. meters of exhibition space with the possibility of expanding in case the number of interested participants significantly expands.

The meeting at the ICEX office was held in a friendly atmosphere. The partners outlined further steps that will help strengthen cooperation between Russian and Spanish maritime companies.