We guarantee the safety of visitors and participants of the NEVA international exhibition


NEVA-International Ltd, the organizer of the NEVA international exhibition and conference, has a special QR code confirming compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological standards established by the federal authorities of Russia. The ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center, where the NEVA is held, also has a similar QR code.

In the context of the pandemic, organizations that carry out exhibition activities must undergo an official procedure for obtaining a QR code with the Safe Travels SPb sign, which confirms compliance with all safety standards. This practice is successfully applied in St. Petersburg and, undoubtedly, indicates a decrease in the morbidity rates in the city.

The guidelines for organizing public events were developed with the participation of industry representatives and take into account the specifics of convention and exhibition activities. Business events are different from sports shows or music concerts, where the number of people and their presence in one place is difficult to control. The organizers of MICE events are able to control the presence of visitors on the site, observe medical safety, and predict attendance with the help of engineering services, technological solutions, and the implementation of a clear schedule.

In 2020, NEVA-International introduced mandatory and modern solutions to meet the standards of safe operation. The NEVA business program has been made with respect to the need for increased social distance, breaks for disinfection and mandatory comprehensive cleaning before and after each session. ExpoForum has organized buffer zones on the sites as well as vending machines with personal protective equipment (masks, gloves). Contactless "remote registration" is organized for visitors and participants of the exhibition. Modern non-contact thermal imagers are used to measure the temperature.

NEVA believes in live and safe communication!