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Business programme 2021 (draft)

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Version 01.07.21
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of NEVA, the 16th International Conference for Commercial Shipping, Shipbuilding, Ports, Oceanography and Offshore Development



EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia, September 21-24, 2021 

September 21 


1. Plenary session. National targets for shipbuilding and international cooperation. New challenges. 

Discussion topics:

- Global trends in shipbuilding

- The development of shipbuilding in Russia: intermediate results of implementing the “Development Strategy for the Russian Shipbuilding Industry Through 2035,” the state programme “Advancement of Shipbuilding and Equipment for the Development of Offshore Fields” and “Plan for the Development of Northern Sea Route Infrastructure Through 2035”

- The largest investment projects in Russian shipbuilding being implemented in 2021

- Prospects for international cooperation in shipbuilding, the localisation of marine-equipment production in the Russian Federation, cooperation in the development of Arctic resources 

2. Strategic session. State support for domestic shipbuilding. 

      Discussion topics:

- Impact of changes in the regulatory framework governing the shipbuilding industry on the development of import-substitution in marine equipment and materials.

- Russian market potential, cooperation mechanisms, state support

- Systemic work, package of state-support measures in domestic shipbuilding

- Progress implementing the state programme “Advancement of Shipbuilding and Equipment for the Development of Offshore Fields in 2013-2030”

- Practical experience in obtaining vessel-scrapping grants

- Loan and leasing compensation (RF Governmental Resolution No. 383)           

Moderator: Dmitry Stoyanov, Deputy General Director – Head of Centre for Marine Equipment Import-Substitution, CSRI Kurs JSC 


Boris Kabakov, Director of the Department for the Shipbuilding Industry and Marine Equipment, RF Ministry of Industry and Trade 

Aleksey Isachkin, Deputy Director of the Department for the Shipbuilding Industry and Marine Equipment, RF Ministry of Industry and Trade 

Igor Karyshev, Head of the Systemic Research Department at Krylov State Research Centre 

Invited participants: RF Ministry of Industry and Trade, RF Ministry of Transport, USC, Central Maritime Research and Design Institute, Krylov State Research Centre, CSRI Kurs, shipbuilding enterprises, marine equipment manufacturers, shipping companies, financial, leasing and consulting companies. 

Organiser: NEVA-International Ltd. 

3. Conference “Marine Robotics and Autonomous Vessels” 

Organiser: NEVA-International Ltd.

Co-organiser: St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University (SMTU)  


4.1. Technical modernisation and retrofitting of enterprises. Equipment and technologies for the shipbuilding of tomorrow 

Organiser: NEVA-International Ltd. 

      4.2. Enterprise management trends. Digital twins of shipyards and product lifecycle ACS


- AVEVA with the presentation “Shipyard Digital Twins” 


- ESI Group - Distinctive features and advantages of a hybrid twin compared to a digital twin. Twin building blocks, from basic system model to the implementation of product operation and lifecycle modelling at the prototype design stage. Module “Virtual Assembly with Welding Process Optimisation” as an implemented concept for hybrid-twin development at the production stage

Speaker: Executive Director of the ESI Representative Office in Russia, Dr. Vyacheslav Kotov 

Organiser: NEVA-International Ltd. 

September 22 

Daily Topic No. 1.


5. Practical seminar for foreign companies

Marine Equipment Localisation: How to Enter the Russian Market 

Discussion topics:

Overview of the shipbuilding market; Russian market potential; Cooperation mechanisms; State support measures for localisation; Advantages of working with Russia, Successful experience. 


Dmitry Stoyanov, Deputy General Director – Head of Centre for Marine Equipment Import-Substitution, CSRI Kurs JSC 

Representative of Palfinger Marine Rus 

Representative of Jotun - one of the world’s fastest-growing paint companies 

Representative of ABB Marine 


Representative of Atomenergomash 

Organiser: NEVA-International Ltd. 

6. Practical seminar for domestic marine-equipment manufacturers. Development prospects for the import-substitution programme. 

Discussion topics:

- Targets, goals, mechanisms for implementing marine-equipment import-substitution

- Current regulations governing the development of import-substitution and their impact on foreign suppliers

- Advantages of switching to a scoring system

- State industry information system (SIIS)

- Ban on foreign-product supplies within the scope of RF Federal Law No. 44-FZ

- Application of the scoring system (RF Governmental Resolution No. 719) 


Dmitry Stoyanov, Deputy General Director – Head of Centre for Marine Equipment Import-Substitution, CSRI Kurs JSC 

Yelena Zheltukhina - Vice President, St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

Organiser: NEVA-International Ltd. 

7. Conference “Maritime News of Russia” 

- conference “Russian Maritime Fleet: New Projects, New Technologies”

- conference “Protective and Paint Materials in Shipbuilding and Ship Repair. Today’s Market and Development Prospects”

- conferences “Future Building Materials for Shipbuilding and Marine Equipment” 

Daily Topic No. 2.


8. Innovative welding technologies     

     This section is devoted to emerging developments in welding technology. Covering both the theoretical and applied aspects of welding-technology implementation. Special attention will be paid to the current status, development challenges and application prospects of technical regulations governing products whose safety is dependent on welding processes, as well as to the implementation of cutting-edge Russian technologies, equipment and materials, the modernisation of welding sites at shipbuilding enterprises and personnel training issues. 

Discussion topics: 

1.      Standardisation and technical-regulation issues in welding production

  • Technical regulation and what it covers
  • Technical standards and regulations
  • Current status of confirming the compliance of welding production in the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Economic Union
  • Customs Union, Eurasian Economic Union, EU Directives, compliance assessment

2.      Training of personnel for the shipbuilding industry

  • Organising the practical training of Higher School experts

  • Personnel training at institutions of primary and secondary vocational education

  • Organising on-site personnel training and advanced training at enterprises

  • International experience in the training of personnel 

3.      Welding technologies and equipment

  • Welding-process automation

  • Robotic welding

  • Innovative welding technologies for shipbuilding

  • Quality control

  • Design and fabrication of welded structures in shipbuilding

4.      Welding materials in shipbuilding

5.      Marine-equipment manufacturing and offshore construction

6.      Occupational health & safety at shipbuilding welding facilities  

Speakers: “ECHO+” Research and Production Centre

Organiser: Welder’s Alliance 

9. Protective and paint materials in shipbuilding and ship repair      

      Speakers: Pipeline systems and technologies “Regulatory Framework as the Basis for Organising an Efficient System for Protecting Industrial Marine Facilities Against Corrosion”

Organiser: NEVA-International Ltd. 

Daily Topic No. 3.


10. Digital technologies in shipping. Communication and navigation along maritime and inland waterways 

Discussion topics:     

  • innovations and emerging opportunities on the navigation-communications market, prospects of the Marine Vsat market, equipment and solutions for Marine Vsat, significance of satellite communications in stimulating business activities in the RF Arctic Zone, demands and expectations of passenger- and cargo-ship owners in terms of onboard digital services. 

Organiser: NEVA-International Ltd.

      Session partner – RT Comm   

11. Digital technologies in shipping. IoT, cybersecurity of ports and shipping 

Organiser: NEVA-International Ltd. 

12. Seminar “Hardware and Software for Hydrographic and Oceanographic Marine Research” 

Organiser: “Technopole Company” JSC 

13. Maritime Register of Shipping conference


Daily Topic No. 4.



14. Strategic session: International, technical and scientific cooperation to ensure stable shipping and transit development in the Arctic

Part 1.

Capacity of the shipbuilding industry to support new projects and enhance the efficiency of shipping in the Arctic

·         Innovations in Russian and foreign shipbuilding, design and digitisation

·         Advancements of Russian designers aimed at ensuring safe navigation along the Northern Sea Route

·         Unique competencies of the Russian Federation in Arctic ship design

·         Establishing supply chains for Arctic ships

·         New projects in the Arctic as a key factor in the growth of the Arctic vessel fleet. What kind of vessels will be required in the next few years in connection with the development of new projects in the Arctic?

·         New types of ice-class vessels for use in the Arctic. High ice-class tankers and ice-breakers. Usage prospects in terms of the current Arctic climate

·         State support and financial instruments for the development of shipbuilding

·         Shipping in Russian Arctic rivers. Demand for ships and infrastructure

·         Prospects for the use of unmanned marine systems in the Arctic. New projects in the area of autonomous ship navigation in Russia and foreign countries

·         Navigation and equipment-monitoring systems. Cooperation in the services and equipment area

Keynote speakers: (to be confirmed):

Oleg Ryazantsev, RF Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade;

Boris Kabakov, Director of the Department for the Shipbuilding Industry and Marine Equipment, RF Ministry of Industry and Trade;

Vasiliy Boitsov, Vice President for Technical Development, USC;

Mustafa Kashka, General Director of Atomflot;

Konstantin Knyazevsky, Deputy General Director for Fleet Construction, Head of the Atomflot Representative Office in St. Petersburg;

Yevgeni Ambrosov, Deputy Chairman of the NOVATEK Management Board;

Roman Trotsenko, Chairman of the Board of Directors at AEON Corporation;

Sergei Tseluiko, General Director of Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex;

Oleg Savchenko, General Director of Krylov State Research Centre;

Representatives of Hyundai Heavy Industries, Samsung Heavy Industries, GTLK, COSCO Shipping, Mitsui O. S.K. Lines, Gazprom Neft Shelf, Nornickel, Sovcomflot, shipyards, design, research and financial organisations, marine equipment and system manufacturers. 

Part 2.

Northern Sea Route: shipping development and prospects as an international transport corridor

·         The Northern Sea Route in the international transport corridor system

·         Safe navigation along the Northern Sea Route as a risk-mitigation factor in
the Arctic. Digital platforms and services deployed for safe shipping in the Arctic

·         Development of port infrastructure in the Arctic

·         Examples in the construction of Arctic logistics systems

·         Climactic changes in the Arctic and their impact on Arctic shipping

·         The latest news in international maritime law and its impact on Arctic shipping. IMO, PAME, Marpol Convention and Polar Code

·         Information and telecom technologies in the Arctic. The Northern Sea Route as a digital ecosystem. Joint development of Russian and foreign Arctic navigation services

·         Alternative types of fuel for Arctic shipping 

Keynote speakers (to be confirmed):

Aleksandr Poshivay, RF Deputy Minister of Transport;

Vitaly Kluyev, Acting General Director of the Department for State Policy in Maritime and Inland-Waterway Transport;

Vyacheslav Ruksha, Deputy General Director - Director of the Northern Sea Route Directorate, Rosatom;

Maksim Kulinko, Deputy Head of the Northern Sea Route Directorate, Rosatom;

Gadzhimagomed Guseinov, RF First Deputy Minister for Development of the Russian Far East and the Arctic;

Nikolay Korchunov, Ambassador-at-Large at the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

Leonid Irlitsa, First Deputy General Director – Shipping Director at Atomflot;

Sergei Shishkarev, President of Delo Group;

Sergei Popravko, First Deputy General Director – Chief Operating Officer of Sovcomflot;

Olga Kuznetsova, Deputy Governor of Murmansk Region;

Igor Shumakov, Head of the RF Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring;

Aleksandr Smirnov, General Director of Rosmorport;

Viktor Chernov, Acting Head of the Marine Rescue Service;

Representatives of COSCO Shipping, Mitsui O. S.K. Lines, Gazprom Neft Shelf, Nornickel, FESCO, shipping companies, ports and stevedores, port and warehouse equipment manufacturers, logistics companies and freight forwarders, manufacturers of shipping safety, navigation and communications technologies. 

September 23 

15. Conference of the Centre for Russian Small-Size and Low-Tonnage Shipbuilding Development 

Organiser: NEVA-International Ltd.


16. Diversification in shipbuilding 

Organiser: Public-Private Partnership Institute 

17. Conference “Fleet Communication and Navigation” 

Organiser: Marineq