Business Brunch

«Unmanned ship navigation. Problems. Ways of development»

Topics for discussion:

Marine Instrument Engineering Corporation Joint Stock Company was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated April 1, 2020. The largest manufacturers of integrated combat information and control systems, radar and hydroacoustic equipment, navigation and communication systems: Concern Concern Scientific and Production Association Aurora JSC, Concern Morinformsystem-Agat JSC, Concern Oceanpribor JSC, and Concern Central Research Institute Elektropribor JSC joined KMP JSC.  The formation of the corporation made it possible to reduce costs and production costs and to distribute competencies more efficiently.  In the Development Strategy of JSC "KMP" one of the missions of the Corporation is defined as provision of current and future needs of the state in creation of advanced science-intensive, high-tech products in the interests of the domestic shipbuilding industry. 
During the business brunch, KMP JSC executives will present the company's competencies and, together with industry experts and government officials, will discuss mechanisms for improving production efficiency and competitiveness of marine instrumentation in the new environment.


- Bondarenko Viktor, Deputy General Director for Civil Products, Concern Elektropribor
- Bondarenko Igor, Deputy General Director, Director for Development, Export and Service, Concern Aurora 
- Ivakin Yan, Deputy General Director for Innovations and Civilian Projects, Сoncern Oceanpribor 
- Moshnyakov Dmitrii, Deputy General Director for Development of Civil Products, Concern Morinsis-Agat
- Strugov Leonid, Director General, KMP 
- Khramov Mikhail, General Director - General Designer, Concern Morinsis-Agat
- Khanychev Vitaly, General Director, Central Research Institute Kurs


Burmistrov Mikhail, General Director, INFOLine-Analytica