«Infrastructure solutions and innovative technologies for the maritime industry»

Topics of presentations:

- Sectional barges and pontoons of NPF Polytechnika based on prefabricated buoyancy modules.
- Import substitution on ships. Ballast water systems and water treatment on ships.
- Light demarcation and visualization of hazardous areas for industrial safety of ports in the Arctic and northern latitudes of Russia.
- Import substitution of interior textiles in the shipbuilding and ship repair industry
- Arctic Zone Challenges for the Cable Industry
- Remote crane control, processes robotization and new generation operators training


- Babiychuk Alexander, Head of the direction, NPO ENT-Technology UF
- Baryshev Igor, Scientific Supervisor, Scientific and Production, Politechnika
- Gaynanova Svetlana, Commercial Director, DSM
- Gilmanova Elena, Brand founder, TC Treartex
- Lobanov Sergey, Vice-President, Cable plant Spetskabel
- Ovyan Alexey, Innovation Director, Intechcom


Pustynnikova Tatiana, Head, Working Group of the Standing Commission on Public Relations and Media, Maritime Council under the Government of St. Petersburg