«Human Resources In Shipbuilding: Overcome The Shortage And Increase Potential»

Topics for discussion:

- State policy in human resources and the needs of shipbuilding in specialists: heading ahead;
- Federal and regional support measures aimed at overcoming the shortage of qualified personnel in the shipbuilding industry: comprehensive solutions and effective tools;
- Programs of retraining and additional professional education in specialized universities and enterprises of the shipbuilding industry;
- Raising the qualifications of the teaching staff and masters of vocational training in specialized universities;
- Creation of production infrastructure and centers of applied technologies on the basis of specialized universities;
- Network interaction of vocational educational institutions in the Russian regions in order to increase the mobility of young personnel;
- Practical cases of successful human resource development programs: own experience and cross-industrial knowledge exchange;
- The role of the sustainable development of Russian regions in increasing the influx of qualified personnel into domestic shipbuilding. 


- Ezhov Petr, General Director, Sitech
- Berezkin Andrei, Director, Interdepartmental Maritime Federal Resource Center for Continuing Education for Children, Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping
- Kuzmichev Igor, Rector, Volga State University of Water Transport
- Melnik Nina, Director, Training center, KMZ
- Mordvinova Elena, Head, Personnel Development Department, Power Machines
- Strizhenov Denis, Deputy Director, Department of Shipbuilding Industry and Marine Equipment, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
- Shelyuk Evgeniya, Acting Minister, Economic Development, Industry and Science of the Arkhangelsk region
- Timofeev Oleg, Director, Advanced Engineering School, St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University


Sakharova Yuliya, Director, the North-West Region Division, HeadHunter Group