Special Event

Presentation Session of St. Petersburg Enterprises

Topics for discussion:

In order to preserve and develop the ship repair business in Russia, the government has decided to nullify VAT for ship repair enterprises. The requirement for receiving this benefit is the conclusion of investment agreements on modernization of shipyard production. In this way, it seems the government creates clear rules of the game for the ship repair segment of the domestic shipbuilding industry. However, not all ship repair yards consider this measure effective: small enterprises are unlikely to take advantage of the new privilege.  We will discuss the reasons during the strategic session.


- Andrianova Natalia, Director, Cluster Development Centre, Technopark St. Petersburg
- Burakov Alexander, Chief designer, Сompressor
- Kolesnikova Evgenia, Chief specialist, Project Bureau “Young Personnel of the Arctic”, State University of Marine and River Fleet named after Admiral S.O. Makarov State University of Murmansk and Russian Federation
- Levit Irina, Leading specialist, Implementation department, Rombit
- Pimenov Evgeniy, Deputy Head, Automation Systems Department, MNS
- Sizova Kseniia, Director, Regional Engineering Center for Radio-Electronic Instrumentation
- Stepanov Yuri, Head, Integrated Systems Department, MNS
- Uryadov Alexander, Deputy Director for Informatization and External Relations, Maritime Technical College named after Admiral D.N. Senyavin
- Fantikov Valentin, Head, Engineering and Technical Center, MNS
- Chernomordik Semyon, Deputy Chief Engineer, TK