The expertise of the international and Russian maritime industries is represented in its entirety at the NEVA International Exhibition & Conference. Exhibitors’ range includes maritime transport and icebreakers, river-sea and cargo-passenger vessels, shipyard engineering, fittings and equipment, navigation and communication systems, maritime services, and much more. Let us be your guide in the world of opportunities…
  • 1. Container ships, including ice-going
    2. RoRo ships, including ice-going
    3. General dry cargo carriers, including ice-going
    4. Bulk carriers, including ice-going
    5. Timber carriers, including ice-going
    6. Refrigerator ships
    7. Oil tankers, deadweight capacity over 80 thousand ton, including ice-going
    8. LNG carriers of different capacity (under 90 thousand cubic meters and more). Ice-going LNG carriers
    9. Nuclear and diesel icebreakers
  • 1. Passenger vessels
    2. Cruise ships
    3. Freight-passenger vessels
    4. Ferries
  • 1. Liquid bulk self-propelled vessels
    2. Dry cargo self-propelled vessels
    3. Liquid bulk barges and dry cargo non-self-propelled vessels
    4. Passenger vessels with displacement hull
    5. High-speed passenger vessels
    6. Ferries
  • 1. Engineering support vessels for ports, ships and waterways maintenance
    2. Auxiliary icebreakers
    3. Tugs/push boats, rescue towboats
    4. Dredgers
    5. Lift vessels
    6. Oil recovery vessels
    7. Hydrographic survey vessels
    8. Pilot vessels
    9. Environmental patrol and monitoring vessels
    10. Research vessels
  • 1. Offshore ice-resistant fixes platforms
    2. Floating drilling rigs
    3. Offshore complexes for drilling management; peripheral units for offshore drilling control systems
    4. Corrosion-resistance and ice-resistance technologies for offshore vessels, platforms and equipment
    5. Technical appliances for marine seismic research, engineering an geological works
    6. Mooring and anchor systems and positioning systems for drilling rigs
    7. Construction, handling and maintenance of subsea pipelines
    8. Safety, emergency and fire extinguishing systems for drilling rigs, terminals and pipeline, including ice conditions
    9. Technical equipment for offshore towage, mounting and other works
    10. Various equipment for offshore platforms
    11. Floating export terminals, tanks, docks, including offshore and ice-condition operations
  • 1. Dredger vessels
    2. Cable-laying and pipe-laying vessels
    4. Vessels for wellsite repair works
    5. Tow boats for anchor installation
    6. Drillships
    7. Shuttle tankers
    8. Deepwater works support ships
    9. Offshore supply ships
    10. Multipurpose ships
    11. Self-elevating vessels and platforms / barges
  • 1. Ship repair, maintenance and re-equipment
    2. Installation, technical support and repair works for ship systems, units and machinery
    3. Installation, technical support and repair works for ship equipment and appliances
    4. Coloring works and corrosion-resistant coating
    5. Equipment, units and appliances for ship repair works and maintenance
    6. Floating and dry docks
  • 1. Design and engineering in shipbuilding
    2. Design and engineering of ships and ship machinery
    3. Design and engineering of marine machinery and equipment
    4. Design and engineering of ship nuclear units and radioactive waste handling
    5. Design and engineering of ship engines, power and propulsion systems
    6. Research, development and test works
    7. Testing and survey
    8. Diagnostics and technical supervision
  • 1. Power generation units
    2. Gear transmissions
    3. Engine clutches
    4. Friction-type and rolling bearings
    5. Machinery service
    6. Fuel regeneration
    7. Propellers
    8. Propulsion units
    9. Bow thrust
    10. Steering equipment
    11. Additional equipment
  • 1. Pumps
    2. Filters
    3. Compressors
    4. Reinforcement
    5. Air conditioning and ventilation systems
    6. Heat recovery systems
  • 1. Dynamic positioning systems
    2. Communication systems
    3. External communication systems
    4. Radar equipment
    5. Alarm and safety control equipment
    6. Intra-ship communication systems
    7. Digital mapping
    8. Hydrography and hydrometeorology
    9. Navigation bridge equipment, communication, navigation safety
  • 1. Shipbuilding steel. Steel structures for shipbuilding and ship repair
    2. Rolled metal, metal templates and goods for shipbuilding and ship repair
    3. Plastic, non-ferrous and composite materials for shipbuilding and ship repair
    4. Marine coatings and anti-corrosion materials
    5. Fittings, fasteners and general hardware
    6. Pipes and hoses
    7. Pipe fittings
    8. Insulating materials
    9. Floor and walls coverings, protective coverings
    10. Furniture and modules, various interior decorations
    11. Lubricants and oils
    12. Signaling equipment
    13. Tackle systems and packaging
    14. Equipment for dockyards, infrastructure and marine construction works
  • 1. Equipment for welding and cutting
    2. Efficient technological processes and equipment to improve the performance of welded structure during repair works
    3. Diagnostics and modeling of fractures in welded structures, quality control of welded joints for ships and onshore infrastructure
    4. Systems of air extraction, ventilation, conditioning and fire prevention during welding works
    5. Work safety and training for welders, European standards
  • 1. Registration, classification and survey
    2. Certification and licensing
  • 1. Rescue boats and rafts 2. Safety control systems
    3. Equipment for hull and machinery check
    4. Information collection and processing systems on operational damage
    5. Testing systems for vessels, machinery and equipment
    6. Systems and equipment for emergency prevention
  • 1. Vessels and equipment for emergency management and rescue works
    2. Systems and equipment for deepwater and marine research
    3. Marine rescue works
    4. Practices of deepwater and marine rescue works
    5. Emergency assistance to marine vessels
    6. Diving equipment
    7. Crew survival equipment for ships, submarines and research vessels
    8. Fire extinguishing systems
    9. Underwater electrical engineering, welding and cutting
    10. Medical assistance to underwater and diving works
    12. Legal support to rescue and underwater works
    13. Certification and unification for emergency, rescue and diving equipment
  • 1. Shipowners: cargo shipping
    2. Shipowners: passenger, cruise and cargo-passenger shipping
    3. Shipbrockers, agent’s services, freightage
    4. Shipping services
    5. Surveying services
    6. Supply for vessels
    7. Shipping management, legal and financial services
  • 1. Ports, port infrastructure, sea and river port management
    2. Equipment for cargo handling, loading-unloading operations, retaining works
    3. Lifting equipment
    4. Equipment for head, stern and board side loading
    5. Bulk cargo storage, including storage and processing of crude oil and refined products
    6. Storage and processing of containers
    7. Port navigation equipment
    8. Port and dock services
    9. Port automation and security systems
  • 1. Engineering, construction and reconstruction of sea and river ports, cargo and passenger terminals
    2. Construction and extension of docks, piers, dams, safety shields
    3. Hydraulic structures, dock floor and shore protection works
    4. Construction and reconstruction of inland waterways, canals, bridges, and water gates
    5. Development of cargo and passenger ferry lines
    6. Radar and navigation equipment and systems, beacons for ports, navigating channels and inland waterways
  • 1. Environmental safety solutions for vessels, offshore platforms and equipment
    2. Waste management systems
    3. Vessels and equipment for control of marine pollution
  • 1. Education, training and recruitment
    2. Simulation systems
    3. Hardware and software
    4. Applications, IT systems