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NEVA-International Ltd is the organizer of major international congress and exhibition events in the field of the maritime industry. The company is focused on developing commercial shipbuilding and ports, as well as promoting national interests and public image of Russia.

The International Exhibition & Conference NEVA is one of the most important international platforms for cooperation and expert discussion, specializing in commercial shipbuilding, shipping, ports, offshore energy and oceanography.

The International TRANSTEC Forum is an equally significant event. The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation consider this event as a well-established professional platform for an ongoing international expert dialogue in the interests of practical cooperation in the field of sea and river shipping and ports.

The Russian Boatbuiders Centre is a  project launched in the framework of NEVA exhibition. This industry association of small-size and small-tonnage shipbuilders was established as a commercial representation in order to promote Russian manufacturers abroad and develop innovative maritime technologies in the domestic market. 

“We strive to keep up with the times, to understand the market requirements and the current trends. We develop our projects so that they could become a high-quality communication platform promoting Russian engineers and manufacturers on the international market.

We encourage the participation of international companies, associations and international investment funds. Consistently increasing the number of foreign exhibitors, we aim to create a comprehensive platform not only for experts’ discussion and communication, but also for practical activities, comprising commercial negotiations, conducting new contracts, and establishing important international projects.

We are looking forward to discussing new initiatives and proposals with the leaders of the global maritime industry, regarding the full range of our projects, from the programmes of NEVA and TRANSTEC to various business missions and other events.” 

Andrey Vasilchenko

Deputy General Director
NEVA-International Ltd   

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