Experience Saint Petersburg

“The shipbuilding exhibition has come to the right place”, - said Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov. It was here in St. Petersburg that in 1704 the Russian shipbuilding industry started at the Admiralty Shipyards.

Today St. Petersburg is the marine capital of Russia and it is rightly considered to be the center of the Russian shipbuilding.

St. Petersburg is Russia’s second-largest city and one of the country’s leading industrial, scientific research and cultural centers. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world – the architectural landmarks of its historic downtown are proudly featured on the UNESCO’s list of world cultural heritage.

The advantageous geographical location makes St. Petersburg an important transport, logistic and commercial hub, a place where major aviation, rail, road and marine routes intersect. All of this combines to spur the ongoing development of the city’s economic ties and promote the growth of its potential: industrial sectors such as energy, heavy machinery, automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, IT and telecommunications are all experiencing active development.

Recent years have seen the implementation of ambitious investment projects targeting the development of the city’s infrastructure. A new international airport has been commissioned, construction of the Western High-Speed Diameter (motorway) is ongoing, and the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre has been fully built and is now successfully up and running.

The city’s unique atmosphere springs from its rich scientific research and cultural potential. St. Petersburg proudly bears the title of one of the world’s finest open-air museums.

Video used from VisitPetersburgVideo