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Exhibition Hall Maps

NEVA 2023 takes place at the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre in the Pavilions F, G and H. : 


1 Which hall suits your company best? 

Look carefully the NEVA Pavilion Maps below and choose the stand space and the Pavilion. Please note that stand allocation is based on availability. Available stand areas are marked green. Print the chosen Pavilion Map at 100% size, mark your preferred stand, scan in full color and return to

Important! Minimum Exhibition Space Orders are: 12 square meters for standard shell scheme stands and 30 square meters for space only to accommodate custom-designed stands.

2 How much space do you need? 

You may take into account the number of potential co-exhibitors and the amount of space your competitors used the previous year. Layout is also important – please, consider carefully your needs: space for equipment and vessel presentations, catering, meetings, image building, receiving visitors and related functions.

3 Which type of participation is the most promising? 

You can present your organization with your own stand or in the framework of a shared stand. Your own stand can be individually coordinated to express your organization’s corporate design and is available in many sizes. Participation in a shared stand costs less and requires less work. As a co-exhibitor of a country or association, or as a sub-exhibitor of a partner organization, you can benefit from the experience of the main exhibitor. 

4 Which type of stand is best?

There are stands with one, two, three or four open sides. The more open sides you have, the more visible you are to visitors. Row stands have the lowest prices. A surcharge per square meter is imposed on corner, peninsula and island stands. 

Hall F

The total area: 7312 sq. m

Reserved area: 7280 sq. m

Free area: 32 sq. m on 01.06.2023

Download the Hall F to print (PDF)

Hall G

The total area: 6514 sq. m

Reserved area: 6514 sq. m

Free area: 0 sq. m on 01.06.2023

Download the Hall G to print (PDF)

Hall H

The total area: 2830,5 sq. m

Reserved area: 2830,5 sq. m

Free area: 0 sq. m on 01.06.2023

Download the Hall H to print (PDF)


The total area: 907 sq. m

Reserved area: 907 sq. m

Free area: 0 sq. m on 01.06.2023

Download the Passage to print (PDF)