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Today, Russia’s Northern Capital is one of the main centres for the construction of the ice-faring fleet. Accordingly, Arctic shipbuilding and shipping was chosen as one of the priorities of the exposition and business programme at NEVA 2021. The timeliness of the topic is also explained by growing interest in the resources and opportunities offered by the Arctic, as well as by the need to further strengthen Russia’s positions as the leading regional power and Russia’s chairmanship of the Arctic Council in 2021-2023.

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More than 70 shipbuilding and ship repair companies, leading shipping operators and scientific/environmental organizations with specific Arctic competencies were represented at the exhibition. The presentation of the next generation icebreakers took place at the event. The national pavilions of the member states of the Arctic Council were also presented: Iceland, Norway, Finland.


The NEVA 2021 business program included the Strategic Session «International, Technical and Scientific Cooperation to Ensure Stable Shipping and Transit Development in the Arctic». The experts discussed the possibilities of the shipbuilding industry to implement new projects and improve the efficiency of shipping in the Arctic, as well as the development of the Arctic shipping in general and the prospects for the Northern Sea Route as an international transport corridor.

The programme of the strategic session NEVA Arctic (PDF)

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