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***Special offer for shipbuilding companies Analytical Report “Market Analysis of Russian Shipbuilding”

Developed by: ANO Sudprom with the participation of the International Exhibition and Conference NEVA and Vector Marketing

Date of issue: 2021
Number of pages: 400
Report language: Russian or English
Updated twice a year
Cost: 4000 €

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How to be a successful exhibitor? 

Once you’ve booked your stand it is important to consider how you will stand out from your competition with effective marketing and promotion. Have you thought about whether potential buyers are going to recognize your brand amongst the other 650+ exhibitors expected at NEVA 2023?

It’s time to start planning now, so that you succeed later.

Our experience tells us that the most successful exhibitors at NEVA don’t just “take a stand”, they exploit every opportunity to reach out to their target audience before, during and after the event, 365 days a year. And there are many opportunities provided by our subsidiary company, Vector Marketing LLC available to you:

Promotional opportunities - Discover the range of digital or physical promotional opportunities, which can put your brand in front of relevant visitors and your target audience in Russia all year round.

PR and Marketing opportunities - Make use of the marketing and PR services to promote your business before the exhibition and create a buzz around your stand or your event. Both before and during NEVA, public relations work effectively informs the daily, trade and business media in a target-group specific way – publicize your participation and services in the related Russian Media.

Your Event Organization & Publicity - If you are planning an event inside or outside NEVA Exhibition & Conference whether it’s a Session, Round Table, Press Conference, Presentation or Gala, Dinner, Reception, Awards Ceremony, Media and PR services are your opportunities to boost its media coverage, extend your brand and reach an engaged audience.

On-Site Advertising – NEVA Exhibition & Conference offers a variety of opportunities to prominently present your brand to your target group: Take advantage of the coveted indoor and outdoor advertising spaces as well as the individual branding and promotion offers of our company.
We turn your exhibit into a comprehensive image campaign that is perceived immediately – a must for maximum attention and clear differentiation from the competition.

Advertising Materials & Souvenirs – Vector Marketing LLC provide advertising, design and print materials, brand souvenirs, communication tools and monitoring systems which you can use to maximize the success of your entire exhibition presence, from issuing invitations to the realization of your goals.

Video & Audio Promotion of your stand, event and other activities - We have video & audio appointment tools where you can show your brand and company activities before, during and after NEVA Exhibition & Conference to all the right people.

A complex approach: Creative, Design, Engineering - Be noticed by buyers, and get ahead of the competition with our branding and promotional opportunities at NEVA. Learn how to make the most of these and be seen by over 36,000 visitors and online audience. All opportunities provide easy, cost effective ways to increase your company’s visibility and ensure maximum impact before, during and after the event.

You’ve already made a great start in attracting potential buyers, and there are many other ways we can help you to make sure that you get noticed. We got a range of digital and physical promotional opportunities available to get your brand in front of your target audience.

Simply get in touch with our subsidiary company, Vector Marketing LLC.

A successful exhibition presence requires professional preparation and follow-up. Vector Marketing LLC is your professional partner for Marketing & Advertising Services – they take complete care of your company promotions.

Many options can be packaged and tailored to meet your objectives, so speak today with Vector Marketing Team about the goals you want to achieve at NEVA 2023, and they will help choose the perfect package for you.

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