Sports Programme

This year, NEVA will host a Sports Programme for the first time. The Billiards Club and the Table Tennis Zone will operate at the Exhibition site, where team and individual tournaments will be held among participants and guests of the event.

NEVA 2023 Team Tennis Table Tournament Of The Shipbuilding Industry
17 September 2023, Pavilion H, Hall 1/1

The Team Table Tennis Tournament will open the NEVA 2023 Sports Programme. To participate in the competition, it is enough to bring together a corporate team of three players.

Pre-registration until 12.09.2023


Billiards Club
18-20 September 2023, Pavilion H

For the first time, the Billiards Club will be located on the NEVA 2023 site, where business negotiations along with a game of Russian billiards can be held in a comfortable atmosphere of the private chamber.

Access to the Billiards Club is available for the VIP badge holders.

NEVA 2023 Closed Billiards Tournament Of The Shipbuilding Industry 
21 September 2023, Pavilion H, Hall 1/2

Heads and top managers of organizations represented at the NEVA 2023 will take part in the first Billiards Tournament

Access to the event is by invitation only.

Open Tennis Table Tournament Of The Shipbuilding Industry
21 September 2023, Pavilion H, Hall 1/1

On the NEVA 2023 final day, we invite everyone to take a break from the busy Business Programme and join The Open Table Tennis Tournament.

Pre-registration until 12.09.2023


For all questions regarding the NEVA 2023 Sports Programme, please contact:

Aleksandra Chertilova, Head of Sports Projects,, + 7 921 889 40 71