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The new NEVA Business Programme joins the traditional NEVA Conference sessions, which will run concurrently to form the combined NEVA Conference & Business Programme for the upcoming event.

This year's eventful and industry-focused programme will take place over 3 days with the participation of recognized Russian and international experts, representatives of key industry players, government institutions and professional associations. Particular attention will be paid to practical issues and handling latest challenges, as well as discussing the prospects for the development and modernization of the industry.

In 2021, the Organizer is planning the main conference to cover the topical issues of development of shipbuilding and shipping industries, including:
  • Plenary session featuring senior officers of the key ministries, companies, and international institutions;
  • Debate on development of the Russian shipbuilding industry, plans for localization import substitutions strategies;
  • Ship maintenance trends;
  • International cooperation in shipping;
  • Development and implementation of new technologies in shipbuilding and shipping;
  • Ecological trends in water transport;
  • Education, training and HR related matters;
  • Conference on small-size and small-tonnage shipbuilding etc.
NEVA Conference will be divided into specialized units, 1.5-2 hours each. The invited speakers will present the whole professional range of the industry: from the leading companies, shipyards and design bureaus to the international institutions and specialized media. The participants and trade visitors of the Exhibition are invited to join the audience (pre-registration allows to visit the Conference free of charge).

Parallel to the main business programme, partner events and exhibitors’ presentations will be held.

The Organizer encourages an open dialogue and will be grateful for ideas and suggestions from market participants in order to develop the programme.
To share your expertise with the participants of the event or organize a specialized section, please, contact the Organizer:

NEVA-International LLC
Tel: +7 812 944 25 71

Statistic shows, that NEVA 2019 business programme hosted 36 specialized events, covering all the pressing matters of modern maritime industry. The total number of participants of the business program exceeded 3,500.

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