The safety of the event has been confirmed

NEVA-International Ltd. and Krylov Science and Technology Society have entered into an Agreement on Collaboration


Business negotiations took place with the participation of Vladimir Nikitin, President of the All-Russian Public Organisation Krylov Russian Science and Technology Society of Shipbuilders, Kirill Rozhdestvenskiy and Georgiy Muru, Vice Presidents of the Science and Technology Society, as well as Anna Guseva, Director for Development of NEVA-International Ltd.

The partnership agreement entered into provides for rendering mutual information-analytical and expert-consulting support, developing joint proposals for implementing state initiatives to improve the innovation policy in shipbuilding, developing common communication platforms on a Russian and international level to stimulate international interaction in various fields related to the shipbuilding industry, and also fine-tune effective interaction between the expert industry communities, business and political groups.

Under the agreement, the Krylov Science and Technology Society acquired the status of a scientific partner in the NEVA International Exhibition and Conference. The parties also came to an understanding regarding joint organisation of business events on topics in the sections of the Russian Science and Technology Society of Shipbuilders and excursions to wharfs and enterprises for delegates to the NEVA 2021 Exhibition and Conference.

The Krylov Russian Science and Technology Society is one the largest and oldest public professional organisations in Russia, combining scientists and shipbuilding engineers.