The NEVA 2023 exhibition will start one day earlier


Dear participants and guests of the NEVA 2023 exhibition, we would like to inform you that this year a decision has been made to hold the NEVA exhibition in the period from 18 to 21 September.

The NEVA exhibition will traditionally be held in St. Petersburg, at the site of the Expoforum Exhibition Center. Autumn period of business and the congress and exhibition events is always the most intense. This year, the number of calendar events held at the Expoforum Exhibition Center has significantly increased due to new federal and international projects, and as such, the already busy schedule of previously planned exhibitions and conferences is being condensed.  

In view of this, and taking into account the opinions of key exhibitors, it was decided to start the NEVA 2023 exhibition one day earlier.

Thus, the work of the exhibition exposition, part of the business events will begin on September 18. And the official opening ceremony, the official exhibition tour, the plenary session, the evening reception and other key events of the official and business program will be held on the scheduled dates of September 19 and 20. On the last day of the exhibition, September 21, a Youth Day will traditionally take place.  

We invite you to take part and are waiting for you in St. Petersburg at the NEVA 2023 key international Exhibition and Conference On Civil Shipbuilding, Shipping, Port Activities, Ocean And Shelf Development!