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ADCO GLASS INTERNATIONAL GMBH was established in 1997 and today it has grown to a fully established worldwide operating industry player. Working together with its high-end clientele of yacht and ship industry ADCO realizes cutting edge customized solutions of the highest standard throughout the world. ADCO is specialized in full-service customized glazing: - Calculation of glass statics - Design of glass - Delivery of several glass products e.g. security glass, laminated glass, bended glass, heated glass, fire resistant glass, bullet proof glass, curved glass and more - Multipurpose Entertainment LED Glass Floor for sport, events and several activities - Installation of glass with and without frames thanks modern bonding technology. Our glass will be used in shipbuilding, aircrafts and helicopters, cars, railway, and architecture. Furthermore, ADCO provides full range bespoke interior e.g. unique refined surfaces, customized furniture, chandeliers and variety of outstanding innovative products for luxury interior.